HoloSuite Player Web - 4.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

Lit material support added

The streaming player can now use a lit material along with in-player lighting to render lighting and shadows in realtime. Updates have been made to the HoloStream API documentation to include the new commands to control lighting in a scene.

Note that the OMS format does not currently support per-frame normals, so some amount of shadows and lighting “snapping” is to be expected.


Resolved video resolution limitation

In previous versions of the Web HoloSuite Player the videos used for playback were limited to 1440 resolution. If a quality profile used a texture that was higher than this resolution, it simply would not appear in the quality profile list and could not be used for Web playback. With the latest version this limitation has been resolved and textures can be any resolution. As a caution, they will still be subject to download and decode speeds, and it is recommended you test your export settings to ensure a quality playback experience.