HoloSuite Player 4.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

AVV Playback

The HoloSuite Player is now compatible with our new AVV format. This format is our high performance, high quality codec, and has many advantages in Unity including:

  • Timeline driven: A volumetric track can be added to a timeline to control per-frame playback of AVV assets

  • Frame playback order independent: this means AVV files can be played forward, backwards, and jump to any frame in a performant way

  • LOD: Using the new HSP Level of Detail extension for the HoloSuite Player, AVV files can dynamically reduce texture quality, and swap out texture for vertex colors when doing so will not reduce visual fidelity.

  • per-frame normals: Using a normal transfer process AVV files have unique normals stored per-frame, leading to improved lighting

For more information on this codec check out the AVV section of our HoloEdit Docs.

HoloSuite Player refreshed sample content

The HoloSuite player package now contains a fresh set of sample scenes. We have updated our existing OMS and HoloStream samples with new volumetric content, as well as our new default void environment. We also have two brand new scenes showcasing the AVV format:

  • AVV - Standard: This scene demonstrates a minimal AVV playback setup

  • AVV - Crowd Performance: This scene shows how performant AVV decoding is, leading to the ablity to have many AVV files playing at once

New HoloSuite Assets

All HoloSuite compatible clips can now be stored in HoloSuite Assets. These assets allow for easy management and control of your volumetric clips. The two new types of HoloSuite assets are:

  • HoloStream assets: These assets let you save a HoloStream URL into a HoloSuite asset so it can be stored and loaded like any other HoloSuite asset

  • OMS+MP4 combined assets: MP4 files that store OMS+MP4 combined files are now imported as assets, and can be loaded directly into the HoloSuite Player’s asset field

Unified HoloSuite Player

The HoloSuite Player is now able to play any type of HoloSuite Asset. This means you can load your HoloStream, OMS, AVV, and OMS+MP4 clips into the same player. The HoloStream Player and OMS Player still exist, but are considered legacy.

Unified HoloStream Shaders/Materials

We have simplified our approach to shaders and materials, and now only have 4 shaders/materials.

  • Built-in Lit

  • Built-in Unlit

  • URP + HDRP Lit

  • URP + HDRP Unlit

These shaders work with both OMS and AVV files by auto detecting the HoloSuite asset type being played. The URP + HDRP shader/materials also detect the custom render pipeline in use, allowing them to work for both URP and HDRP.

Drag and Drop HoloSuite Player creation

All HoloSuite assets can now be dragged and dropped into the viewport to automatically generate a HoloSuite Player and material to match that asset type. Note: for this to work for OMS files, the MP4 file that accompanies the OMS must be in the same folder and have the same name as the OMS file.

HoloStream URL auto conversion

HoloStream URLs no longer need to be the .mpd URL. You can now use the preview URL for the HoloStream, and it will automatically be converted to the .mpd URL at runtime.


Colorspace conversion with URP on the Quest 2

Automatic colorspace conversion was failing on the Quest 2, leading to washed out looking OMS playback. This has now been resolved, and all Quest 2 players will correctly switch to the linear colorspace.

OMS+MP4 fixed playback for Quest 2

The combined OMS+MP4 asset type was not working correctly on the Quest 2. This has been resolved and you can now use your OMS+MP4 assets.