Clean Mesh


Input Streams: Any Mesh Stream

Output Streams: Modified Mesh Stream


The Clean Mesh Stage provides several cleanup operations for the current mesh stream. This Stage is commonly used right after a load asset Stage to correct geometry errors and reduce polygon count.


Several optional parameters are provided for cleaning your mesh. Not all settings are necessary for each project, but Fix Degenerate Triangles is recommended in most cases to ensure proper operation of subsequent Stages.



In HoloEdit 2021.1 and earlier, Close Holes can modify your geometry’s UV layout in undesirable ways. Not recommended if you plan to apply Texture Transfer Stage to your Track

  • Enable Decimation: Enable this option to apply Decimation, a step where mesh complexity is automatically reduced to meet a target triangle count. Lower triangle counts increase compression and significantly reduce processing time in later stages. For most clips this step can be enabled without noticable loss of quality.

  • Fix Degenerate Triangles: Removes Degenerate Triangles, a kind of geometry issue that can cause errors or reduced performance in many Stages.


Degenerate Triangles are a concept in geometry and 3d graphics. In HoloEdit, a “Degenerate Triangle” is a triangle that has either one of the following properties: zero surface area, or one or more edges with zero length.

  • Minimum Component Area: This sets the minimum area (in meters) that is preserved if the Remove Small Components parameter is enabled.

  • Decimation Target Tris: Target triangle count if “Decimate” is enabled

  • Close Holes: Seals holes in the mesh.

  • Remove Small Components: If enabled, any detached portion of the mesh smaller than the Minimum Component Area value will be deleted

Working with Clean Mesh


Clean Mesh should be run before running any other stages that edit the mesh stream, such as Stabilize Mesh.

Clean Mesh is a very valuable stage that provides necessary cleanup to produce good results in other stages, compression, and fixes for some common geometry issues.

When preparing a track before Stabilization, you should usually apply the Enable Decimation option with a Decimation Target Tris value around 30,000 or less. Higher triangle counts are supported, but may result in significantly longer compute times for Stabilization. (See the Stabilize Mesh for details on the Stabilize Mesh stage.)


Clean Mesh always performs a step called ‘consolidate points’ which fuses vertices that share the same position. This is necessary to prepare for stages like Stabilize, but in HoloEdit 2021.1 and earlier, this can result in issues with existing stabilization data in some rare cases.