Stabilize Skeleton


Input Streams: Animation Stream

Output Streams: Modified Animation Stream


The Stabilize Skeleton is a smoothing step that can be applied to Animation Streams created by the Generate Skeleton Stage.


Stabilize Skeleton works by sampling surrounding frames and seeking to preserve existing motion and minimize noisy variation. This Stage can help get a cleaner skeleton result out of HoloEdit.


  • Window Size: This sets how many adjacent frames are factored into smoothing each frame. Higher values can produce very smooth, consistent motion, but can also dampen or delay some motions.

Working with Generate Skeleton

High “Window Size” values help provide smooth, continuous motion for your skeleton. Sometimes, this can result in a skeleton which “lags behind” the actor’s motion, especially when the performance includes sudden motion or changes in direction.

You may need to make multiple intervals with a different window size settings to best capture the whole range of motion in a complex clip.