HoloEdit Tracks are edited with processing steps called Stages. Stages can be applied to any composition to load data, process and compress volumetric video, generate new data like Skeletal animations, and more. Every HoloEdit track contains at least one Stage to load in an initial piece of Volumetric Video, but subsequent stages will vary based on each individual projects’ needs and goals.

To get started with HoloEdit, we recommend you check out the Arcturus Youtube Channel for tutorials and example workflows, then refer to the Per-Stage documentation below for details on features and requirements.


The documentation for each Stage contains the stage name, requirements, parameters, and may contain an image or video in addition to a section on working with the stage in depth. Refer to the requirements to learn what data is input and output from the stage in your HoloEdit Composition, and review the Parameters and Working With section for details on how to adjust the stage to your Clip’s needs.