Generate UVs


Input Streams: Mesh Stream

Output Streams: Mesh Stream with UVs


The Generate UVs stage can be used to create UVs for geometry that does not have UVs or when the existing UVs are not satisfactory. This stage can be used on stabilized or unstabilized data.

The stage will automatically generate charts (UV islands) based off of the surface of the mesh using the stage setting parameters.


  • Max Cost: Determines the stopping point for chart growth, based off of the combined cost of the parameter values. Lower values result in more charts.

  • Normal Deviation Weight: This parameter determines the priority of growing the charts comparing the angle between a face and the average chart normal. Lower values can help produce fewer charts.

  • Max Iterations: Represents the number of the chart growing and seeding phases. Highers values can help produce better results but will increase processing time.

Working with Generate UVs

Generate UVs when processing a stabilized mesh sequence will create a unified UV map per segment. When processing a non-stabilized sequence will generate a UV map per frame.

Noisy mesh surfaces can cause single face islands inside of larger islands. Try increasing the Max cost and Max iteration values and decreasing the Normal Deviation Weight in these cases.