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Deleting HoloStream Clips

Reasons for deleting a clip could be so that it can no longer be accessed, or that a clip has been updated and you wish to remove a newer version to fallback to a previous one. In the event that you want to delete a HoloStream clip, you will need to use a python script included with the Uploader.

Using the remove_media_from_service.py Script

The script is located in the HoloStream-Uploader-2021.1.2 directory inside of your HoloStream install directory. In order to remove a HoloStream clip from our hosting service you will need to have:

  1. The clip’s content ID

  2. The server and environment it was uploaded to

  3. Logged in using an account that belongs to the same organization that uploaded the clip

  • You will be prompted to log in as part of the script

Additionally, to run the script you will need to have Python 3 installed on your system, and run an appropriate command shell (such as Windows Powershell or Git Bash) in the Uploader folder. From the open command shell, you can delete content using:

python remove_media_from_service.py --environment=production --repo=packaging-dev-2 --identifier=<contentID of the clip>

remove_media_from_service Command Line Arguments

python remove_media_from_service.py will run the script, and must be followed by these arguments:

  • –identifier=<content identifier>: Supply the ContentID for the clip you want to delete.

  • –environment=<environment>: Supply the environment specifying for the HoloSuite Processing Server. Use production for the US server or production-ap for Asia Pacific.

  • –repo=<repository>: Supply the identifier for the HoloStream hosting repo, at the moment this will be packaging-dev-2.

Optionally, you may also include the –version=<content version> argument, which can be used to delete only a specific version of the clip using that ContentID. Clip versions start at 0 for the first upload, and increases by 1 each time the clip is updated. Deleting a version other than the newest will cause all newer versions to be renumerated to fill the gap.