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HoloStream Players

HoloSuite includes many HoloSuite Players capable of playing back HoloStreams.

Three.js Web Player

The HoloStream Three.js Web Player is a HoloSuite Player built using the Three.js framework. This player can be embedded in webpages via A-Frame, or any framework that supports Three.js.

We provide an example Three.js Web Player configured to stream a HoloStream clip to a simple scene. This scene contains an orbit camera, depth fog, and shadows, in a player with support for seeking, play/pause, and audio controls. For more information on the Three.js Web Player and this example project, take a look at the Example Web Player docs.


8th Wall Web Player

8th Wall is a web based AR development platform. It allows building AR experiences that can be deployed on Android and iOS devices. It supports Three.js and A-Frame to allow for rich AR experiences.

It utilizes the Three.js Web Player to allow HoloStream to be played in AR VIA a phone or mobile device.

8th Wall hosts a HoloStream template which allows you to get your own HoloStream running in AR by changing a single line of code.

For more details on the 8th Wall Example project, check out our Example 8th Wall Player docs.

Zappar Player

Zappar is a development platform for creating web-based AR content. Zappar can be deployed on any platform that supports WebAR or WebVR.

The HoloSuite Player implemented in Zappar taps in the Three.js HoloSuite player to allow for HoloStreams to be played by the Zappar platform.

For information related to configuring and deploying HoloStreams in Zappar, please refer to the Example Zappar Player page of our HoloSuite Player docs.

Unity HoloSuite Player - Streaming

The Unity HoloStream Player and it’s components are included in the Unity HoloSuite player package. This package contains the scripts and supporting assets necessary to play embedded OMS clips, or HoloStreams in your Unity project. With further customization users can integrate the HoloStream Player with their Unity scene logic and other scripts to configure dynamic content.

For more information on this player check the Unity Player portion of our HoloSuite Player docs. For details on configuring it for HoloStream playback, take a look at the Streaming page.