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Unity Player 4.0.3

The Unity HoloSuite Player plugin allows for OMS, AVV, and HoloStream playback in Unity. This plugin also comes with a variety of samples showing how the HoloSuite Player can be configured for various use cases. The HoloSuite Player supports all of Unity’s render engines (Built-in, URP, HDRP). The Unity HoloSuite Player comes with various extensions to expand it’s capabilities. The HoloSuite Player for Unity officially supports Unity 2020, but is also compatible with Unity 2021 and 2022.

The following documentation pages contain reference guides along with step by step walkthroughs for a basic configuration.

If you’re just getting started with HoloEdit and want to get your volumetric video up and running in Unity, start with the Configuration Example page.

To explore the specific options and features in the Unity plugin, review the Player Reference page.

For more information on the various Extensions avaliable for the HoloSuite Player plugin, take a look at the Extensions page.

If you are looking to get a HoloStream playing back in Unity, give the Streaming page a read.

For HoloSuite Player integration into additional platforms, please contact HoloSuite support.