HoloSuite Player 2022.2.0 Release Notes

New Features - HoloSuite Player Unreal

Significant improvements are introduced in this release of the player. Please see the updated Unreal HoloSuite Player Installation section for instructions installing the new plugin.

Unreal Engine 5 support

The HoloSuite Player for Unreal now supports the latest version of the engine! Adding support for Unreal Engine 5 required significant changes to the plugin, so we’ve refactored it across all versions in an effort to improve performance and create the most consistent and stable experience across all versions of Unreal. If desired, an Unreal 4.2X project can be upgraded to Unreal 5 with minimal friction.

HoloSuite Player Unreal refactor

Notable improvements to the player include:

  • Improved frame decoding speed

  • Reorganized OMSMeshActor parameters for greater readability and accessibility

  • Fixed Seek() method for playback interactions (accessible through Blueprints)

  • Fixed texture mismatches when working in the Editor while not playing, and when using the Sequencer

  • New experimental parameter called ResponsiveAA added, aimed at reducing blurring and ghosting artifacts from temporal anti-aliasing methods such as TAA or TSR Please see the HoloSuite Player Unreal documentation for additional information and installation instructions.