Optimize Texture


Input Streams: Any texture stream

Output Streams: Rescaled texture stream


Optimize Texture takes a target width and height, and an optional face tracking weight, to downscale large resolution textures. Using face detection data and the weight value, it will rescale the UV islands to retain more resolution in the face. It will reduce texture resolution for less important areas and retain it for the more important ones when downscaling to a target texture size.


  • Target Width: Target width for desired texture optimization.

  • Target Height: Target height for desired texture optimization.

  • Face Tracking Weight: A 0 - 1 value for determining the importance of face tris when downscaling textures.

Working with Optimize Texture

Using Optimize Texture with Detect Face data allows you to preserve face resolution while rescaling remaining textures. This works as described in the overview section by rescaling the UV islands according to the target texture size, and Face Tracking weight parameters.

../_images/optimize-texture1.png ../_images/optimize-texture2.png