HoloStream 2021.1.X Known Issues

Firefox Playback Freezes With Mismatched Audio

If the audio file provided with a clip is longer than the oms’s duration, the clip will hang when played on Firefox. This is not well handled on other browsers either, but they will not get stuck in the same way.

Very Short Clips Do Not Load in the Web Player

This should only occur with clips that are fewer than 20 frames, which we do not expect to be used for production content. Please contact us if you are planning to share extremely short clips using HoloStream.

1-Frame Clip “Chunks” Cause Small Playback Error

When a clip is processed for streaming, this is done in 2-second long pieces (or “chunks”). If a chunk consists of only a single frame (Eg: a clip using frames 0-300 Where 0-299 would create 5 chunks at 60 frames each, and frame 300 would be a single left over frame), this introduces a small playback error during streaming: If using the web player, the texture will desync for a frame before looping. If using Unity, the clip will disappear for one frame before looping.

This can be avoided by changing the export range for your clip when configuring an export for streaming - simply reduce the “end frame” value by 1 and export the clip again.

Web Player Lacks Handle For A Clip With No Available Quality Profiles

Because web playback is limited to 1440 video resolution, if all quality profiles for a clip use textures with a larger resolution then no clip can be displayed. While we intend to implement a warning for users in a future update, at this time we would encourage you to ensure that all clips are below or equal to 1440x1440.

Rarely Playback Continues After Pressing Pause Button

When pressed, the button will correctly update to the “Play” button, however the clip will continue to play as though it had not been pressed. The button will continue to function and toggling it again seems to pause playback fine. While we have observed this a handful of times, it seems quite rare and is unlikely to impact regular use of the web player.

Audio and Textures Can Desync If Headphones Are Rapidly Connected / Disconnected Repeatedly

This is very unlikely to occur outside of intentionally doing so, however it is possible a particularly unstable headphone jack connection could cause the issue.